Safe and Found

SAFE & FOUND is a Retail Business and Partnership initiative which was introduced to the Dublin city centre by the Dublin Crimewatch and The Dublin Business Association  where persons of any age or nationality who may have become separated can easily become re-united by use of our radio communication system.

When a person i.e. ( A Child ) becomes separated from their Parent / Guardian they should go immediately to a retail premises who displays this sign and approach security.  The Parent / Guardian who also realizes that they have become separated should also go to a retail premises displaying this sign and approach security.

An urgent message is transmitted across the Dublin Crimewatch system in that area by the radio user and both parties should be re-united very quickly and continue shopping  or viewing Dublin’s many attractions . We have in place where this initiative will cater for all visitors and tourists, Dublin Crimewatch has surveyed many security personnel and retail staff on the radio system and we now know that collectively they can speak (30) different languages, all have volunteered to assist if persons of different languages become lost.

The Control Centre at Dublin Crimewatch now holds a list of persons who are bi-lingual and will be contacted should foreign persons of Tourists become lost or separated and need to be re-united.We also have a member who has experience in Sign Language to assist any person who may have a problem with Speech or Hearing, our research has told us that the use of Sign Language is used throughout the world and as a result can play an essential part in our safe and found system.

If Interested In Joining or Require Further Information - Please Contact Dublin Crimewatch Today!

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